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from Cindy Busch August 5, 2014

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Cindy Busch


3 April, 2014 13:51 April 3, 2014

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Hello! News:

Cindy Busch


Cindy Busch March 6, 2014

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Cindy Busch


sometimes you need fat and milky March 2, 2011

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We feel that  grocery lists are very useful so you don’t forget something important

when going shopping.  Since they are so detrimental to buying the correct items we keep it in a convenient location, the fridge.  Anyone in the house is allowed to add to the list….sadly we only have one of each letter available so we can only add a limited numbers of items.

This was a recent grocery list at the Lil Lou Who house.  Sounds like a party right??


Free at Last!!! February 23, 2011

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As some of you are aware I quit my job last week. It was bittersweet since I was so unhappy there, but at same time I have been there for 10 years. That is almost a third of my life!!! Oh well, things have greatly gone downhill over the last few years, but being pregnant then maternity leave etc it seemed wisest to stay for a bit. Yes, it was probably longer than I should have stayed, plus this economy isn’t exactly great to shop for a job in. Luck would have it that a friend of mine had a lead for what is potentially a great job. After a few meetings with my would be new boss I gave my 2 weeks notice last week (BTW best feeling ever since my boss is the main reason for leaving). Luck would have it that yesterday they did me an even bigger favor by telling me that once I transition my projects I don’t have to come in and still get paid until the end of the month. YIPPEE!!!!! Obviously I unloaded my projects asap and said my good-byes to my coworkers and hightailed it out of there. I happily get a little more time with my Finster before I am ‘the new kid’ at work.

I start in March and will surely keep you all posted.


Daily assignments February 22, 2011

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are really too much for me to keep up with.  Kind of like daily posts on this here bloggity blog.  Here are a few more assignments that I have finally completed….and some are still overdue.

Again, deal with it.  Will you ever tire of me telling you to deal with it?  I mean it in the nicest possible way, really-promise.

Feb 21: Hands


baby hands love to play

Feb 20: When They’re Home


tornado Finster

Feb 19: When They’re Gone


Schmoops has left the building

Feb 18: Going Out (IOU)

Feb 17: Staying In


snuggled up

Feb 16: Together: Self Portrait (IOU)

Feb 15: Kiss (IOU)

Feb 10: Space, where they are comfortable


comfy slippers


Thank you Abe and George February 21, 2011

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for the lovely break in the middle of February.

I actually got the day off and am using it to act like an adult and visit an attorney.  Not a divorce attorney (sorry boys, I’m still taken).  We are finally getting wills, living wills, and trusts put together.  Only a year and a half late, but our Finnycakes will finally be taken care of if the hubs and I die.  Sure, we have billions of dollars to worry about, but The Finster would be the main prize and if we didn’t pick a guardian surely people all over the world would be fighting for custody of the lil sweet pea.

And here is an obligatory photo of my chubanubs…yes, that is spit hanging from her chin.


And a Happy Birthday to my oldest friend in the world Heather!!  Now have that baby so Finnycakes has a friend to play with!