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Daily assignments February 22, 2011

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are really too much for me to keep up with.  Kind of like daily posts on this here bloggity blog.  Here are a few more assignments that I have finally completed….and some are still overdue.

Again, deal with it.  Will you ever tire of me telling you to deal with it?  I mean it in the nicest possible way, really-promise.

Feb 21: Hands


baby hands love to play

Feb 20: When They’re Home


tornado Finster

Feb 19: When They’re Gone


Schmoops has left the building

Feb 18: Going Out (IOU)

Feb 17: Staying In


snuggled up

Feb 16: Together: Self Portrait (IOU)

Feb 15: Kiss (IOU)

Feb 10: Space, where they are comfortable


comfy slippers


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