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Thank you Abe and George February 21, 2011

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for the lovely break in the middle of February.

I actually got the day off and am using it to act like an adult and visit an attorney.  Not a divorce attorney (sorry boys, I’m still taken).  We are finally getting wills, living wills, and trusts put together.  Only a year and a half late, but our Finnycakes will finally be taken care of if the hubs and I die.  Sure, we have billions of dollars to worry about, but The Finster would be the main prize and if we didn’t pick a guardian surely people all over the world would be fighting for custody of the lil sweet pea.

And here is an obligatory photo of my chubanubs…yes, that is spit hanging from her chin.


And a Happy Birthday to my oldest friend in the world Heather!!  Now have that baby so Finnycakes has a friend to play with!


One Response to “Thank you Abe and George”

  1. brian Says:

    It should all go to me. I’ll be sure chubanubs gets most.

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