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Love to Hate February 5, 2011

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The daily photo challenge is “Love to Hate“.  I had to think of something that a loved one does that I hate…but sort of love at the same time.  There are many things that I think are so cute that I couldn’t possibly hate…then I came up with 2 things that the amazing Finster does that drive me a little crazy but are also a little adorable.


stole my slippers!

Stolen slippers are obviously annoying since it leaves my feet to freeze in the tundra of New Jersey.  Seriously, we haven’t gone more than 5 days without snow this year, it is getting a bit redic.


grubbers on the glass

I hate cleaning windows…do I even need to state that since I hate cleaning anything?  I do however love when Finley waves at birds or yells at the trees and if smudge marks are the result of this so be it.


One Response to “Love to Hate”

  1. Heather Says:

    Beautiful pictures! I want to bite those chubby legs!

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