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Better late than never…Joy of Love February 4, 2011

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My day 3 submission for Willette’s Joy of Love workshop.

I had a super busy day yesterday between going to work and getting a facial so I wasn’t able to take a pic…please forgive me.  I hope I still get credit even though I am late….

Finley showing us her first home-me!

It was tough to select just one (as usual) but I opted for the above photo because it looks like she is trying to show us the picture.  Finbaby was really cute, when I gave her this pictured in the living room she dragged me to her room to take down the family picture that hangs next to this one in her room.

Here was my runner-up submission…

ps- You can expect another post later-WOH 2 lil cindy posts in one day?!?!?  try to contain your excitement…


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