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It’s 6am I must be lonely January 19, 2011

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What 6:00am looks like at our house:


Kinda cute right? Well it is cute…but the timing of it isn’t. 

She used to sleep in nice and late (sad when 7:30am is considered late). The last few mornings Finbaby has woken up screaming at 6:00am and won’t stop until we get her out of bed. If it’s a weekend morning we bring her into our bed for family snuggle time until we are ready to get up or she jumps out on her own (this is generally what catapults us to start the day).

True to trend, this morning Finley started crying just as I was getting out of bed, so I threw a sippy cup at her and jumped in the shower hoping that she would quiet down and go back to sleep for another hour or so. When I got out of the shower I didn’t see any movement on the video monitor so I thought that my prayers were answered. I realized that they weren’t when I opened the bathroom door and I heard Oswald on the tv in the living room. Being the inquisitive person that I am I further investigated and the above picture is what I found. Finley was just chillaxing with her cat book, a sippy cup, and Oswald. She didn’t even look at me.  

I know that we shouldn’t let the tv babysit our kid, but sometimes you need to out of necessity, judge away. I don’t give a care.


2 Responses to “It’s 6am I must be lonely”

  1. photographess Says:

    The TV is a life saver. luckily she wasn’t into the sugar and peanut butter etc 🙂 LOL Enjoy!

  2. brian Says:

    I think Den & I almost had song #1 for kids the other day …

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