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you’re the inspiration… January 12, 2011

Filed under: crazy me — CindyLouWho @ 8:48 am

So what was the big inspiration???  Well, it happened at WalMart of all places.  I had to run in to get some milk and cereal and I had to use the facilities while I was there and I found this little gem….

Yes, that is a pregnancy test in the garbage in the bathroom at WalMart…who does that???  Seriously, who wants to find out that their entire life is changing in the bathroom at WalMart.  My guess it is stolen, but is it technically not stealing if you don’t walk out the door with it right?  What other stuff at WalMart can you pee on and not be charged with anything?

I know that pictures of  anything in the garbage aren’t generally acceptable, but I had to share with you since if you follow you have certain expectations : )

ps- NO  it isn’t my pregnancy test


2 Responses to “you’re the inspiration…”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Thanks for clarifying at the end that it wasnt yours… not that you would do that at Wal-Mart but at first glance I thought you were trying to announce Finley was going to have a baby sis or bro!

  2. CindyLouWho Says:

    I knew that everyone would think it was mine so I HAD to clarify!

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