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I will be better….I promise! January 11, 2011

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okay, okay, you have heard that from me before but I mean it this time.  c’mon baby you know I love you (picture that is sexy baritone voice). All I needed to break my little hiatus was some inspiration and I guess a few extra minutes. 

The holidays are always crazy, but add a maniac toddler into the mix and anarchy ensues.  Sorry I neglected you for the past month or so, but think of it this way, I spared you all the juicy deets of Christmas, Boxing Day….heck, Waitangi Day may have been skipped too, I am just not sure when it is.  You have no idea what kind of cookies I baked everyone or what was on the Christmas menu.  You don’t know if I hosted any holidays or got really drunk and embarrassed the hubs at any parties.  You know nothing about my last 2 months…I apologize for keeping you in the dark.


Here is a quick summary of my holidays….I ate a lot (my pants barely fit), got amazing Christmas gifts from the hubs, spent tons of time with the Finster, got to see my favorite preemie Emily (and did a full on photo shoot with her), welcomed another baby to the group (welcome Chloe-you will fit into the group nicely), watched all of season 5 of Dexter in 3 days, probably drank too much, saw all the fams, and caught up with tons of friends that I don’t see nearly enough.

If I think of anything else exciting that I did I will post about-mmm’k? promise.



2 Responses to “I will be better….I promise!”

  1. Erin Says:

    Sounds exactly like my holiday celebrations! love the pics of your favorite preemie. Hopefully there will be some updated pics of Finny Fin Finster soon?

  2. Amanda Says:

    I love that you are back!!!! Thanks for the shout out to Emily. I’ll let her know she made your blog! She’s now as famous as you!!! :o)

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