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Is it stealing? November 22, 2010

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Is it stealing if a baby throws a fit at the grocery store until you let her eat an apple?  Normally one would pay for said apple then allow the baby to eat it, but if the produce section is your first stop in the store are you really supposed to go pay for it then continue shopping?  Would it set a bad example if you allowed your baby to eat the apple before paying?  What if the baby throws the apple on the floor half way through the store?  Is it really worse than the people I see eating grapes or berries or poppers from the olive bar before paying?

Just wondering.

This is a totally hypothetical situation and I would never allow my child to eat stolen food.  I was just curious on the etiquette.


2 Responses to “Is it stealing?”

  1. yasmin Says:

    I sure as hell hope not as my cart usually has a half eaten apple, banana peel, and almost empty cheese and olive container littering it once we finish a shopping trip.

  2. brian Says:

    yeah i eat stuff before paying … so long as you pay for it on your way out it can’t be considered stealing…

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