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A house full of sickies November 9, 2010

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I am sorry to announce that Finley has her first stomach bug 😦  Poor thing looks so sad when she is sick.  She just wants to snuggle and watch crappy cartoons.  So I let her-I am not made of stone after all.

It all started with a stinky pile of puke in the living room-so gross.  We hoped it was just a fluke and she ate something that didn’t agree with her (perhaps bad sushi?).  No such luck, two hours later she went all Linda Blair in her crib.  It was horrible, she was crying and there was puke in her hair, but I had to calm her so said puke ended up in my hair.  Dave cleaned up the shit-show puke-show while I consoled her.  She woke up a couple of more times and fussed a bit but didn’t throw up anymore….until her first bottle the next morning.  Luckily it was a little bottle so it wasn’t too much vomit. I then decided milk was the agitator, so we switched to water, broth, then pedialyte (after a run to the store).  She couldn’t keep anything down and she won’t drink the darn pedialyte.  So I have succumb to trickery….I fill up a straw with the drink then drip it in her mouth, she thinks it is a game so she bites the straw and doesn’t realize that I am feeding her. (insert evil laugh) Hey, you can’t be good-looking and smart right?  It seems to work out well and she didn’t vomit it all over me-that is a win-win in my book.

Last night we evaded Linda Blair….until poor Dave woke me at 1:30am to inform me that he thought that he got Finley’s sickness.  I thought that Finley was okay so we left Dave home to mend his tummy, while I brought home the bacon and Finley hung out with her favorite old people (my parents).  After a few hours at my parents she decided to liven things up over there and vomit all over their house (she is an equal opportunity puker).  After finishing up a few things at work I packed up my desk and picked up Finley then headed home to prevent her from spreading her disease anymore.   Both of them are sleeping peacefully now dreaming of vomit free days while I try to think up bland regurgitation friendly menus.

My two schmoops are still under the weather and I feel so bad for them.  I will do a little prayer to an imaginary friend in the sky that makes everything okay that they wake up healthy tomorrow.


2 Responses to “A house full of sickies”

  1. brian Says:

    and hopefully avoid it yourself. who’s going to make the bland regurgitation friendly menus if that happens?

  2. Frankie Says:

    Feel better buschii!!!

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