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What came first? November 7, 2010

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The trucker or the perv?

On our 3 hour drive to Penn State (to witness Joe Pa’s 400th win!!!) yesterday I noticed all the perviness of truckers.  I always knew they were, obviously I have noticed the number or peep shows next to truck stops and the vast selection of pornography at gas stations, but it was compounded yesterday.  In addition to the usual mudflap girls, I noticed an influx of nudey ladies painted on trucks yesterday. So I got to thinking, are truckers pervs so they become truckers to be with their common-folk or since they are truckers they become pervs because they are on the road all the time and need some companionship?  I am sure that they all are not pervs, there must be a few non-pervy ones out there, but for the most part they are (I am a big believer in generalization, don’t judge, I already am).

What do you think came first?


One Response to “What came first?”

  1. brian Says:

    no question… it’s the perv. there were perverts LONG before trucks. long before the wheel in fact.

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