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hey punkin October 31, 2010

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Can I get a shout out for pumpkin anything?

Pumpkin beer? yes please

Pumpkin coffee? don’t mind if I do

Pumpkin pie? of course!

You get the point right? I love pumpkin anything!  It is just so yummy and I don’t know why it is only available this time of year.  So lame. I should buy out all the Libby’s in the store and corner the market on pumpkin flavored goods the other 3 seasons.  I’m on it.

I guess I will celebrate the pumpkiness of the season while I can.  I hope to make some pumpkin cookies or muffins soon.  If I actually get it done I will post the results and some pics.

Happy Halloween my little pumpkins.


2 Responses to “hey punkin”

  1. Brian Says:

    i have a pumpkin pie recipe i’m gonna make another batch of and bring you some. you will be in love. and have to pay a lot for the recipe.

  2. Katya Says:

    Speaking of pumpkins…WHERE ARE PICTURES OF YOUR PUMPKIN????? That is all.

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