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Spooktacular October 30, 2010

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Halloween weekend tradition with the sister and her hubs is to watch a scaryish movie. Last year it was District 9… or so I am told. I honestly don’t remember, I blame the 2 1/2 week old baby. The girls wanted Rocky Horror Picture Show this year but got vetoed so it ended up being a little movie called Teeth. If you haven’t seen this movie you should…or should not. It is cheesy and dark-ish and pretty damn funny.

This is the description from Netflix:

When virtuous high school student Dawn (Jess Weixler) becomes the victim of a sexual assault, she discovers that she has an unexpected line of defense: a toothed vagina. But coming to terms with the novelty of her anatomical anomaly might be easier said than done. John Hensley, Hale Appleman and Josh Pais co-star in director Mitchell Lichtenstein’s provocative feminist horror flick that gives girl power a whole new meaning.

I think that the husbands may have cringed a little, but we all laughed through most of the movie. The acting was bad and the plot had as many holes as my colander. Oh, and there may be a scene with a crab eating one of the victim’s penis….disturbing to say the least. I actually feel like a worse person for watching this…let’s just call it a guilty pleasure mmm-kay?


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