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Sometimes your baby falls on your boss’s foot October 27, 2010

Okay, maybe not your baby, but my baby does. 

We went to the Far Hills Races last weekend -yes, I got off a 14 ½ hour plane ride and just over 12 hours later I attended an all day outside party and horse race.  I really had no intention of attending The Hunt (not sure why they call it that because there is no hunting going on that I know of anyway) this year since I had no idea how I would feel after the trip and time changes and did I mention the 14 ½ hour flight?  I had agreed to drive the hubs so he would not worry about driving after a few cocktails.  However, when we were showering up for the day I decided that since I missed last years (due to having a 5 day old baby) and the weather was perfect that I really wanted to go this year.  So I feverishly started texting my friends to see who had a ticket that I could buy-sadly I had no luck so I was forced to pay at the door–for twice the price.  Oh well, it is for the local hospital so I can’t feel too bad about it.  Since it was last-minute we didn’t have a sitter lined up so the Finster attended her first Hunt.  She LOVED it!  Everyone LOVED her and we were told several times that she is the perfect age to start attending the Hunt.  She loved the hay and the crazy outfits and all the great people watching….and the stromboli (she is my kid  after all). 

Back to the subject at hand…the Finster was a doll all day and hung around in the Ergo until she fell asleep.  So we gingerly pried her off my back and tucked her away in the stroller for some zzzzz’s.  She slept like a baby for a couple of hours-despite the noise. 

The hub’s boss and wife came to our site to say hello, they even peeked at sleeping beauty and she was passed out.  We all chatted for a few more minutes when out of the corner of my eye I saw my baby fall out of the stroller….onto Dave’s boss’s foot.  MORTIFYING.  Worst. Parents. Ever. I quickly scooped Finley up and she was clearly sleeping up until she hit the ground.  She had the “I was just sleeping, now I’m not, WTF” look on her face…and a mad case of bed-head (have I mentioned how much I lurve her bed-head? It is just so stinkin cute).  Needless to say she was a hot mess.  We wiped the fall foliage off her back and snuggled for a minute and she was fine-not even a tear was shed.  She didn’t fall hard so there was no need for medical attention or anything.

I am now awaiting a visit from DYFS.


2 Responses to “Sometimes your baby falls on your boss’s foot”

  1. Amanda Says:

    How the heck did she “fall” out of the stoller? Wasn’t she laying down? Since she is ok I can say, that is the funniest thing ever. You “wiped off the fall folliage” … ha, ha, ha! Seriously, what did the boss and wife do? So funny.

    I give this post an A++++ VERY FUNNY!

  2. CindyLouWho Says:

    She is super wriggly-you will see this weekend.

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