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I’m baaaaaaaaaaaccckkkkkkk October 25, 2010

and better than ever.  Okay, maybe not better than ever, but not worse either.  That is saying something.

China was fabulous!  People keep asking me the best part-aside from the laughter with some fun gals and cheap massage-it was the food.fabric

Some highlights from the trip include:

  • “Happy Flying” at Yu Massage.  What is “Happy Flying” you may be asking…amazing, phenomenal, delectable, heaven-on-earth…you get the point right?  It is an hour foot massage while drinking tea (date tea to be exact, not ginger tea) followed by an hour full body massage.  It was wonderful, despite the very thorough butt massage portion.  Seriously, paper panties pulled down below my cheeks while a man tinier than me rubbed away.
  • Dumplings-need I say more?
  • DVD massage.  Genius!  You get to bring a DVD with you to the spa and they rub your feet for up to 1.5 hours while you watch a movie.  We brought in wine and it was a perfect ending to a delicious dinner.
  • Eating with surgical gloves and a straw.  It was pork bone marrow and interesting-sort of like slurping gravy that sat in the fridge for a few hours.
  • Street vendor noodles for a whopping $3.00 US (great for breakfast too).
  • Imaginary celebrity sightings (ODB-really????)
  • Dim Sum
  • Overnight trip to Hangzhou-interesting without our Chinese speaking host, but we got around okay.
  • Shopping at the fabric market and fakes markets

As promised, below is my follow-up to the previous post, responses in bold 🙂

  • The time difference is 12 hours, so if you don’t prepare your body you will be in for a RUDE awakening, try to sleep on the plane as much as possible so you are fresh as a daisy when you arrive. I did this and pushed through the first night and partied like a rock star so that pretty much got me on Shanghai time.

    The Asian Sensation


  • Blonde hair is odd-people will try to touch it and will want to take their picture with/of me (did I mention that one of my traveling companions is over 6ft tall-we will pretty much be a freak show) Nobody tried to touch it, but people did take pics of us like we were on display at the zoo.  Some people even posed with us-I can only assume this was to show their friends that they actually met a white person.
  • You don’t tip-anyone, anywhere True and WONDERFUL
  • The food in China is not what we call Chinese food in America, so don’t go looking for that.  The food is still good, just not the same. I think this would apply to every country, I have yet to have any food in America that tastes like it does in the Motherland. The food is nothing like Chinese food in America-it is WAY better.  It is lighter and there are tons of noodles and dumplings and many other delicacies.
  • Haggle, haggle, haggle what ever the asking price is take a zero off (for example, if they ask 100 you should get them down to 10) and be willing to walk away.  The goal is to get the “Chinese Price”….Americans will never get it, but you can try right? Everything is negotiable…. everything I wasn’t able to get the “Chinese Price” but I did pretty well.  I actually had fun with the negotiations, however it was physically draining.
  • Don’t plan on buying clothes off the rack there because the clothes are generally not “American-sized” and will not fit—if I even go in the store they will “Pretty Woman” me and then I will have to come back with tons of bags  and say “big mistake, BIG mistake” in Chinese This is true, Chinese women are tiny…and have no boobs (for the most part).  I even got a qi pao made and the lady told me not to get buttons down the side because I have “big ones” as she stared at my bust.
  • Personal space doesn’t exist in China This is true, people bump and hit and elbow and don’t even acknowledge you or that they did it.
  • Orderly lines don’t exist either, first come first served….hence the lack of personal space, everyone wants to be the first one there This is only sort of true, there are some-what lines, but you do have to watch it or people will cut in front of you.  However at the train station it was a hot mess, people shoved into the station like cattle on their way to slaughter, then when the doors to the platform opened it was a mad dash to get onto the train first.  Did I mention that there were assigned seats on the train so there was really no reason to be first because it only meant that you waited on the train longer.

2 Responses to “I’m baaaaaaaaaaaccckkkkkkk”

  1. Heather Says:

    Can’t wait to see how your “big ones” look in you qi pao 🙂

  2. cvt Says:

    I could stand to hear a little more about the woman, the buttons, and the “big ones”.

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