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This time last year October 10, 2010

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You can barely tell I was pregnant


I was told that I had to go to the hospital in less than 24 hours to be induced since Finley was getting too big (if you don’t believe me just look at the pic).

Although it was less than a week before my due date I wasn’t mentally prepared to have a baby.  Silly I know, after 9 months of pregnancy you would think that I would have been prepared, but I wasn’t.  I also didn’t want to be induced since I know that it often results in a c-section and I really wasn’t up for that.  Nothing against c-sections, I just didn’t want to deal with surgery on top of a newborn.  I begged the dr to let me go naturally but he didn’t go for it.  So the hubs and I walked out of the doctor’s office like two zombies in shock.

We went to brunch then planned the rest of our final day as DINKs.  Those plans included cleaning the house, finalizing the hospital bag, getting some last minute groceries, and finally dinner at our favorite restaurant.  I think we watched a movie too, but can’t remember what it was.  I think it was something violent though because I remember thinking “this?!?! is the last movie I am watching before I have a baby”.

I think today we will go to the same restaurant that we brunched at last year…which was a beautiful day just like today.


One Response to “This time last year”

  1. Heather Says:

    Wow Cindy, you’re right! You can’t even tell your pregnant in that picture!

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