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my boobs are a buffet October 8, 2010

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At least that is what my daughter thinks.    I wasn’t going to post on my blog about nursing since it creeps some people out but for comedy’s sake I have to.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think that it is totally bizarro that my body produces food that feeds a human being.

We are quickly approaching a year and surprisingly I have nursed the Finster all this time-in addition to real food and the occasional formula when we are in a bind.  Please don’t think that I am some hippie that wants to nurse my kids until “they are ready” to stop and will end up with a 6-year-old on my teet.  When I had Finley I figured that I would give it a whirl since it is A) free and B) it’s SO GOOD for her.  It was a little rough in the beginning on me just b/c I am not used to having my nips sucked through a straw every 2 hours for 20 plus minutes-some people may be into that in which case nursing will be a breeze.  Finley on the other hand latched like a champ and away we went,   she even earned herself the nickname “greedy titty monster”.

Is this the face of a greedy titty monster?

From the beginning I decided to just see how nursing went and didn’t have a set length of time in mind-I figured this way if I didn’t meet my goal I wouldn’t be letting anyone down.  Initially the goal was just to make it a few weeks, I wanted to quit SO BAD the first few days due to delirium and exhaustion and pain.   I am not generally a crier and have a pretty high pain tolerance (I was in full-blown labor and didn’t feel it)…I would cry just thinking that I had to put her on again.  We stuck to it and it stopped hurting after a week or so and it even got us more sleep since I could bring her into bed and nurse laying down.  There was also the added convenience of not having to pack up tons of bottles for each outing, I just had to be able to bring my hooter hider and we were fine.  It soothed my little girl and I loved all the extra calories it allowed me to eat-what’s not to love? 

I miss how she would just fall asleep in my lap and I wouldn’t be able to move for fear of waking her.  I used to just watch her sleep like a peaceful little angel.  Our nightly routine consisted of diaper, pjs, nurse, and finally bed.  She would often fall asleep while eating and I would pull a switcheroo with the pacifier and gently transition her into the crib. 

Nowadays, bedtime consists of me wrestling her naked baby hiney into a fresh diaper while she acts like a crazy badger stalking her prey-which is usually the stack of clean diapers or tube butt paste.  Then I *attempt* to nurse her while she stands on my lap-kicks me in the face-tries to pull out my other boob-pulls my hair-yanks on my necklace-bites my collar bone-tries to wiggle off the chair-you get the idea??  Recently I have started giving in and letting her have the choice of lefty or righty and it seems to have calmed her a little.  All my modesty has gone out the window and my almost one-year-old sits on my lap like a 17-year-old boy seeing boobs for the first time.  She is excited and happy and grinning ear to ear and doesn’t know where to begin.  So she does 30 seconds on right, then 30 seconds on left, back to right, back to left, smiles at me and gives me the biggest hug ever as if she is thanking me for the plentiful buffet I have given her.  I will miss these days and will think fondly of nursing my sweet little baby, but all good things must come to an end right?


One Response to “my boobs are a buffet”

  1. Natalie Says:

    This made me laugh, cry, and then grasp my boobies while I had phantom breast feeding pain. Ouch!!!!

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