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Finley’s party October 6, 2010

After much preparation we celebrated the Finster’s birthday a little early last weekend and it was THE party of the year.   All of our friends came over to take part in the festivities, we had tons of food and cake and lounged in the sun (as much as you can in New Jersey in October)….we even lit a late night fire for the party-goers that just wouldn’t leave.  Finley got amazing gifts and even got to stay up late to play with her friends and new toys.  One of her favorites was a toy with ball that pop out-I have no idea what it is called though, sorry.

Before the party I crafted like a fiend and all the guests under 18 benefited from it.  I made cute little gnome hats for all the kids (pic below).  I know it sounds hard, so I won’t dispel the myth.  If I get motivated I may even put together a little tutorial on this here bloggity blog.  Again, I have to get a little motivated so it may not be any time soon.  Besides, I was recently so busy being all domesticated and making the below woodland goodies…

Felted acorns for the tables

Giant cardboard mushrooms and flowers for the yard

A mushroom banner spelling out “Happy Birthday Finley”



Pinecone gnomes in their nest



Modeling her hat and getting ready for some cake

I even made the Finster a sweet little gnome and mushroom embroidered top and mushroom barrette.

My neighbor made her amazing red and white polka dotted pants with giant ruffles on the bottoms.

Sadly, I didn’t make the cake…but I wish I did because we just ate the last of it and miss already.  Not only is it cuter than a litter of dwarf puppies, it was delicious-vanilla cake with ganache frosting and oreo filling.  If I could marry a cake this would be it.

We still have a few days until we officially have a one-year-old, but I feel like the past year has flown by in a flash so we are savoring every day with our little gnomey.  It is hard to believe that a year ago she wasn’t even born yet and was just kicking my bladder…now she just steps on my face in an attempt to chase the cat or bites my collar-bone with her new little chicklet teeth. I love those little chicklets.


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