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Dear new neighbors October 2, 2010

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I am sure that you are nice enough people, but I kind of want to punch you in the face.  You are not making a good impression on the ‘hood.  Please do the below simple things and we will re-evaluate our relationship, consider yourself on probation.

  • Don’t hang out in your driveway talking loudly after 9pm on a weeknight.  The noise travels and you just sound dumb.
  • Enough with the truck that beeps loudly when you back up.  We don’t like it during the day and certainly don’t like it at 10pm.  I understand you are moving in, but why are you moving in for 2 weeks now?  Please tell me that isn’t your every day vehicle that beeps like that.

I know that I sound old in this post, but c’mon I have a baby that could wake up and if she does I will be sure to bring her to your house.  You dang kids (waving fist in the air).  After all, we like to be the loud annoying ones on the street.


3 Responses to “Dear new neighbors”

  1. Tom R Says:

    What, first it’s the well-intentioned lady with the school bus who was kind enough to have an extra bus in her front yard in case kids miss the first one, now it’s the nice kids that hold their bible study class outdoors in the driveway and installed a backup safety device on their vehicle because they know you have baby??!! C’Mon!! I’m beginning to think you and Dave are the problem!! 🙂

  2. Frankie Says:

    Don’t forget the crappy truck immediately placed in the front yard on the grass!!!

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