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B.U.M. Equipment…really??? September 27, 2010

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I saw a middle-aged man recently wearing a B.U.M. Equipment shirt.  That in itself is pretty shocking, but the really surprising thing is that it looked new.   One to always research, I knew that I had to look into the status of B.U.M. Equipment.  Do they still make it?  Is it still haute couture and I just don’t know it?  Is it just now hitting the scene in the square states in the middle of the country?  Has it been around all this time and I just haven’t opened my eyes enough to notice it?  Apparently it MAY still be around, they have a website,  However, there is information for their 2008-2009 catalog…so either they need to update the site or there is nothing to update.

PS- It turned out that gentleman I saw in the B.U.M. was European, so it could really be big still/again in Europe.  I will have to plan a trip to see what the B.U.M. status in Europe.  Based on the fashions that I often see on Europeans I am guessing they just got it there.  No offense to Europeans, their fashion is just different from that in the United States.


One Response to “B.U.M. Equipment…really???”

  1. Tom Says:

    Yes, Europeans generally lag about 20 years behind America in fashion. Why I just recently met a nice Bugarian fellow in Jam shorts and a Swatch watch. Stylin!!!

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