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The inevitable September 22, 2010

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With the end of vacation two things are sure to happen.  I despise them both, but it is my cross to bear after almost two weeks not working and attending weddings up and down the coast.  The first thing is the return to work-I despise this place as it is, but add the recent fond travel memories and it makes it slightly less fun than chewing a glass covered piece of gum.

The second is the inevitable diet….keep in mind that any attempt I ever make at dieting is half-assed at best.  Perhaps if I didn’t spend my entire vacation planning menus and what restaurant to go to for the next meal I would be able to avoid said diet.  What fun would that be?  I seriously travel so I can eat local fare.  Last nights dieting attempt was a Greek Salad Wrap (recipe to come another time), I know nothing of calories or fat content, but I am pretty sure it was good for me.

This attempt will have to be extra good since Charleston is a great dining city and we certainly enjoyed the dining scene as much as possible with an almost 1-year-old in tow.  We took her to pubs, chic dining hot spots, breweries, oyster bars, as well as the usual “family dining” and dives.  I personally believe that you should expose children to all of these places from the beginning so that it isn’t a huge shock resulting in meltdowns when they are 4 and have never been to a restaurant.  We are lucky that Finbaby is pretty well-behaved and if she fussed at all a piece of bread generally calmed her.


One Response to “The inevitable”

  1. frankie Says:

    ahhhh – soothing emotional needs with carbs!!!!

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