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gators and cougars and snakes OH MY! September 17, 2010

Last weekend we went to lovely Charleston, South Carolina for a wedding.  The place we stayed was very “rustic”, as the bride told me.  It was actually really cool, just being that it is in the south it is partial to more vermin than I am used to.

Upon arrival to the Inn at Middleton Place I took the Finster on a walk around the property to acclimate ourselves to our home for the weekend.  Almost immediately we happened upon a snake.  Keep in mind that I know nothing of snakes so for all I know it was planning on strangling me and eating my young.  Granted this snake did not do either of these things, but I did keep my eyes peeled for more snakes just in case that snake or one of the millions out there was plotting my death.

The next day Finley and I were left again to our own devices while the Hubs golfed and what vermin did we find???? This lovely (vomit) thing….not sure what it is…other than gross.  It was in our room and at first I thought it was a piece of plastic b/c when I poked it with a stick it was hard..but then it wiggled.  Luckily (?) I found it before Finley so I was able to sweep it out before she tasted it.  After we got rid of our stow-away Finley and I decided to go on another walk, this time we saw a large turtle and a gator-YIKES!  We observed it from afar so weren’t in any real danger, but still it made me think of what I would do if a gator attacked us.  Let’s just say that I couldn’t come up with any good plan that would save one or both of us.  Most of my plans ended up in me trying to climb a tree while holding a 21 lb baby.  Gators can’t climb right?

Our final “wildlife” sighting was after  the beautiful wedding and it was a real live cougar!  This was by far the most dangerous of all the wildlife, she was reckless when she set her eyes on her prey and wouldn’t let it out of her sights.  She went by the name Mimi (in the red pjs with curlers) and apparently was a member of the Big Hat Society.  She and her cohorts were at the Inn to celebrate hats (why I am not sure)…and they were quite a sight with all their glorious hats.  They knew how to kick it and didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flirt with the young bucks that were in the lounge.  I think that we can all learn a thing or two from these vixens.


2 Responses to “gators and cougars and snakes OH MY!”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Ha-Ha-Ha. That dang coug is in a bunch of my wedding pics!!!!!!!!!!

  2. CindyLouWho Says:

    I did hear that she is your new sister-in-law too

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