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I’m bringing Rudy back…yeah September 3, 2010

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(the title should be sung to the tune of Sexy Back by my BFF JT.)

Always on the hunt for new blog topics I was asked by my friend over at Daily Crave to write an homage to a woman that she saw yesterday…this was her description:

I saw this business lady in my building today who was fully decked out in a gray suit and horrible navy blue pumps….and even a briefcase….and she was wearing the rudy huxtable hair ties like this picture!!!!! I about died laughing!

I don’t know about you, but DC’s description does bring on thoughts of a little Rudy trying to be “grown up” and dressing exactly how she thinks a business woman would dress- complete with a briefcase (do they even sell those anymore??).  The only problem with this image of adulthood is that poor little Rudy forgot about her douchy childish hair ties.  BTW, where do you still buy those hair ties? I haven’t looked for them, well,  ever (my 4 strands of hair would never have the substance..or dare I say girth, to hold those in).  Perhaps I will look for them at the store and will attempt the Rudy-do just for giggs. If I find them I promise to post a pic.


One Response to “I’m bringing Rudy back…yeah”

  1. Natalie Says:

    AH-HA-HA. I’m really not a catty biotch — I just know a good Cindy Lou Who blog post when I see one 😉

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