Lil Cindy Lou WHO??

one girl's sarcastic journey through life

I sit home on a Friday night… August 28, 2010

and again on Saturday night

and watch Harry Potter

and I am fine with that.  Does that make me old?  Just curious.

I also did laundry-so at least I got something done. Oh, and I am catching up on my Real Housewives of NJ, DC, NY, etc

ps- what is up with the Real Housewives on NJ drinking 1/2 coke and 1/2 red wine?


4 Responses to “I sit home on a Friday night…”

  1. Allison Says:

    And where is your loving husband during all of this fun?

  2. yasmin Says:

    Come on, you don’t know half wine and half coke? Not my thing but know it. Also, harry potter??? Really???

  3. CindyLouWho Says:

    The hubs is at a bachelor party (god help us)

    No, in all seriousness I wouldn’t waste 1/2 a glass of wine. What’s wrong with Harry Pottery? I like the movies-judge away

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