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I fished a jalapeno out of the toilet August 19, 2010

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As you may be aware the dirty Jerz is being infested by stink bugs and I loathe them.  Tonight I noticed one on a jalapeno that was on my counter.   The only way I can think to kill them is to put them in the toilet so they drown.  I know this isn’t the most humane thing to do, but these things stink and if I put them outside they will come back in and if I smoosh them they emit a horrid odor.  I can’t even touch them without their stankiness getting all over me.  So when I brought the bug covered jalapeno to my bathroom to brush off the bug the whole thing fell out of my hand and right in the toilet.  Now, my cats use the toilet (more on that at another time) so I will never fish anything out of there with my hands.  I had two choices 1) flush it and hope that the toilet pipes think the jalapeno is a big poop or 2) fish it out with some make shift tools.  Obviously I chose #2 (pun intended). So I used the other jalapeno in my hand and an empty toilet paper roll to grab the toilet-water-pepper out.  It was actually one of my prouder moments this week.


2 Responses to “I fished a jalapeno out of the toilet”

  1. CVT Says:

    mental note: stop giving cindy jalapenos

  2. CindyLouWho Says:

    I should have made that salsa before the toilet got the pepper huh?

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