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Nothing’s worse than a hoagie except being married to one! August 13, 2010

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When I was younger I thought that black people called white people hoagies. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they would call us that in a derogatory way.   I mean, hoagies are delicious and not offensive in the least bit.

I think that I probably heard it on The Jeffersons or Sanford and Sons-ahhh the late 70’s-early 80’s.  Those were the days before all this political correctness and tv could be racy at any time of the day.   People could just make jokes (they didn’t even have to be suggestive) and use derogatory terms and people took it with a grain of salt and even GASPlaughed.  I can’t figure out why everyone is so sensitive now, if people would just have a sense of humor about things life would be SO MUCH BETTER.

I wish that I could remember the exact moment that I realized it was honky because I am sure that it was a hilarious epiphany.  I imagine that my eyes got real big and I said, “wha wha what?!?!?!?” (think Mr Furley)

When I told my friends at work about my honky-hoagie revelation my friend (who is still available for the role of Nancy Reagan) told us that she used to call pants “knickers” and had the misfortune of mispronouncing that…let’s just say that it’s a word that I can’t even type, let alone say out loud.

Why do we let words have this power?  If we strip all offensiveness from the words then they can’t sting anymore right?  I say that we bring these naughty words into common venacular…whose with me?  I am not just talking racial slurs, I mean all bad words.  Who gets to decide what is bad and what is acceptable?

Hi, my name is Cindy Lou Who and I am married to a hoagie.


2 Responses to “Nothing’s worse than a hoagie except being married to one!”

  1. Brian Says:

    sense of humor is a MUST for an enjoyable journey; those lacking just aren’t worth it.

  2. Monica Says:

    I hear ya, honky. I wish we could all go back to the “All in the Family” days.

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