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Sometimes I Wish August 10, 2010

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diarrhea on people.  For reals, if you annoy/agitate/upset/ etc etc I will wish diarrhea on you.  Just last week I did it to co-worker and voila, she left early that day and was out the next day because she was sick.  I have no idea what her symptoms were, but I like to take credit for it.

I recommend you don’t cross me or you shall feel my wrath.  Don’t make me do it.


One Response to “Sometimes I Wish”

  1. […] any longer!  Over the weekend I came home to a sweet surprise. My friend Cindy, over at Lil Cindy Lou WHO??, graced me with this generous bridal shower gift and I am on cloud nine over it – the Ad Hoc at […]

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