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Yesterday’s trip brought to you by: poop July 31, 2010

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Still not sure if we were crazy or brave…it is safe to say that it was a mix of

Jules enjoyed the steps

both.  One of my friends wasn’t able to join us, so it was 2 adults and 3 kids…until we met up with my sister, that evened the playing field a little and the kids weren’t able to overtake us as I am sure they were planning. The city isn’t terribly stroller friendly…well maybe it is if you know where to go, but sadly we didn’t.  We had to carry strollers up and down subway steps and that SUCKED.  Add kids, 20lb diaper bags, fancy cameras, snacks, etc etc and it was hell work.

Once we got into NYC we got a tour of my sister’s work which happens to be in the Empire State Building.  This was very exciting for an almost 5-year-old John since we showed him the building from Hoboken and he saw pics of it all over the city.  After the tour we attempted to eat at near by Shake Shack, but there was a line a couple of blocks long-apparently they put crack in the burgers or something.  From there we went to Central Park and this meant a subway ride (read crappy walk up and down steps with strollers), but it was exciting for the kids so that made it a little less crappy better.

The YouTube Sensation!!! We were SO close to him or her...not sure.

Central Park was fun, lots of walking, but the weather was great and we had a good time.  When we first entered the park there was a crazy mob of about a Asian teens holding camera phones over their heads to photograph someone.  We asked a park employee who it was that they were so gaga over (could you imagine if it was THE GAGA???) and all they knew was that it was “a YouTube sensation”.  I asked if it was Justin Bieber-he is a You Tube sensation right? They laughed and said if it was the Bieber that they would have to shut down everything….I guess hormonal tweens get pretty rowdy.  We then went to the castle, saw a turtle sticking his head out of the water  in one of the ponds (foreshadowing of the sequence of events to come perhaps), saw a rat, a man wearing shiny gold pants and shoes, another man wearing knees socks with short shorts and HUGE clogs, among many other interesting people and things.

They were a hit with all the other tourists too

We got pics of all the kids in Strawberry Fields on the Imagine mosaic, which was pretty cool.  We finally got to go to the Shake Shack by the park and holy mother of god were those burgers delicious.  They even have an Arnold Palmer on the menu and super delicious fries.  The best part is that there was no line and we got a table that fit all our crazies.

I may have lied… the best part was that Finley took a big crap as we were leaving lunch.  We then attempted to find a semi-private place to change the diaper with no creepers trying to peep.  We managed to find some huge rocks for the older kids to play on while I changed Finbaby.  I don’t think that I have posted about this, but changing a diaper lately is like wrestling an alligator.  Add doing it in public and you have a recipe for disaster.  While changing what was an epically horrible 8 wipe diaper Finley rolled off the mat and actually picked up the nasty diaper and dropped it on her FACE! I must have been really good in a past life because thank Sweet Baby Jesus the clean side landed on her face and no poop got anywhere on her or me.

New diaper, new baby

did we have fun? Does a boy sh!t in the woods?

As soon as I was done with the diaper the almost 5 yr old had to crap, since the nearest bathroom wasn’t nearly close enough our only option was to crap in the woods-he is like a little caveman, but less hairy.  It was pretty entertaining for us, once he was done he said he felt much lighter and could play more-so he did.  The kids ran around on the rocks and played for a bit then we found a playground and we rested there while the lunatics kids climbed, splashed, and made friends.

Once back on the Jersey side we got gelato and ate it by the river while watching the city skyline.  We said goodbye to the sister and headed to minivan…but not without a little hiccup from Jules, the last poopless child.  As we loaded up the car she said she had to pee.  Luckily my friend has a portable kiddie potty in the back of the minivan for just such occasions.  Much to our surprise, dismay, shock, etc  little J dropped a D Slice in the port-a-potty.  The port-a-potty that would be riding home with us over an hour.  The decision wasn’t hard, there is no way that the only souvenir we brought home would be a turd. That’s right, we dumped the last poop of our big city day in the parking deck on Hudson.

Tired at the end of the day


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