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Am I dumb or brave…. July 30, 2010

Filed under: FUN FUN FUN,yummy in my tummy — CindyLouWho @ 8:52 am

I will let you know this evening and will hopefully have pics to prove which one.

I am taking Finbaby to NYC today.   I must have been drunk when I cam up with this idea.  I know that people bring their babies into the city all the time, every day in fact.  But I am not one of those people. I am lazy.  I like to stay around the house and do…well nothing.

We are going with 2 of my friends and their 3 children…so we are ALL either dumb or brave.  At least I am in this with other people.  Leashes will be used to contain and paddles to punish.

The itinerary includes visiting my sister at work then maybe to the top of the Empire State Building-maybe someone will propose to me up there.  Wouldn’t that be romantic…. just like in a Meg Ryan-Tom Hanks movie.  Then we are off to Shake Shack. Yum burgers, fries, and shakes-don’t tell Dave this is how we eat when he is away.  Our final stop on our tourist day is Central Park to visit Strawberry Fields, the castle, lake, etc.  Throw a pretzel in there somewhere too…and maybe a brown bag beer.

I hope Finbaby enjoys the day and I am not too exhausted from the 5:30am wake up call she gave me today.


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