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99 Luftballoons July 26, 2010

Filed under: FUN FUN FUN — CindyLouWho @ 7:52 am

Every year our good friends have a Balloon Festival party and in typical fashion it was blazing hot.  They were kind enough to get misters to keep us cool-ish. And there was a kiddie pool for the babes to splash around in.  We weren’t expecting a pool so poor Finneycakes went in wearing just her diaper-yes a regular diaper, not one of those classy swimmy diapers.  Needless to say, the diaper was about 25 lbs when we took it off.  Poor kid-at least she was cool right?  

Another bonus this year is that we got to see the balloons-in the past the wind carried the balloons in another direction-which makes for a rather pathetic “balloon” party-still a great party, but balloonless.


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