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What do you do with left over bourbon….I mean bananas? July 16, 2010

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Make banana bread obviously!  I had 3 bad bananas with greasy black peels (name that movie?) and I hate to waste food so I really had no other choice.  Finbaby is napping so I went on a search for a new banana bread recipe, obviously my first stop was Smitten Kitchen and I found this little gem.  BONUS-there is booze in it!  You may not know this, but I LOVE any recipe with liquor in it-shocking I know.  Yes, I am fully aware that the alcohol bakes out, but it just gives a lovely subtle taste to food and I won’t apologize for my affinity towards it.

An hour later I pulled this lovely out of the toaster oven-yes I bake in my toaster oven.  Dude, it is about 95 degrees out, I am NOT turning my oven on for an hour.

Guess what we will be having for breakfast tomorrow?  I think an iced coffee & fresh picked blueberries will go quite nicely with this.


6 Responses to “What do you do with left over bourbon….I mean bananas?”

  1. poquitoisms Says:

    Bring me some

  2. CVT Says:

    not sold on the toaster oven vs. oven logic, but you had me at bourbon…

  3. Amanda Says:

    Brilliant! Can you PLEASE tell Tom is is basically against the law… ok MY LAW to turn the oven on in the summer!! Seriously, he doesn’t get it… day after day… do we really need to argue about this every night!?!

  4. natmax24 Says:

    Yumskie! I love me some Smitten Kitchen

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  6. […] casserole dish then crumbled some bleu cheese over top and baked in the toaster oven (you know how I feel about having the oven on in the summer)until the tomatoes softened just a bit.  It was a visually appealing dinner and everyone lurved […]

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