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Dinner Co-Op July 12, 2010

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Due the influx of commitment in all our lives some friends and I recently decided to try out a Dinner Co-Op .  

A Dinner Co-Op is pretty simple, a group of people decide to make dinner for each other then plan a date to pick up/drop off your food.  For example if 4 couples take part in the co-op.  Each couple makes enough food for 8 people, they keep their own servings at home then packages up the other 6 meals individually for their friends.  So I made this (thanks Nasty!), and in exchange got these lovelies PLUS 3 nights of not cooking dinner!

Beer Braised BBQ Chicken

Frittata and Salad

Ratatouille (yes like the movie)

If you are considering a Dinner Co-Op you need to lay down some ground rules…whatever you want them be is fine…these were ours:

  1. Mostly homemade (we didn’t want anyone showing up with hamburger helper)
  2. Somewhat healthy (we will easily stray from this for say….mac &cheese or anything with gravy)
  3. A full dinner for 2 adults
  4. Cheese (should be in everything do I need to spell it out?)
  5. Let the group know of any allergies or aversions (we can’t have tuna, veal, or lamb and pork is only allowed in some cases)
  6. The meal should travel well and bonus if it’s freezable (ps-Spellcheck asked if I meant BREEDABLE here…who doesn’t want a breedable dinner???)
  7. Meals don’t have to be fancy- just delicious
We planned on the drop spot being my house on Sunday and it worked out pretty well, so after we try all our meals I guess we will decide if we make this a more regular thing or if we were grossed out by what the other people chose and won’t even go to each others’ houses for dinner.  




7 Responses to “Dinner Co-Op”

  1. Brian Says:

    mmmm … fooooood.

  2. Allison Says:

    Ok, so i’ve changed my mind! Tell Yasmin her Frittata did it!

  3. natmax24 Says:

    Holller! Such a cool idea – does this take place every week?

  4. CVT Says:

    So far the Frittata was terrific!! Chicken salad tonight!!

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