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the weekend update July 7, 2010

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We had a phenomenal long holiday weekend.  It went something like this…. 

Friday with friends, kids, and mojitos.  It was HOT but the pool was just about right.  Some of the kids gardened a little…by garden I mean ate the leaves out of the herb garden. 

Saturday Finley and I went swimming at my brothers…again it was HOT!  At night the three of us went with some friends to the Tinicum Fireworks Under the Stars…it was a great time.  We got there at 6pm and set up camp.  We were a little schlubby compared to other people attending-seriously some people brought tablecloths, candelabras, and vases with flowers…this is a very “Huntish” event and next year we will come with full table setup and ready to compete for the most stuck-up camp.  We drank wine and ate delicious food while the kids in patriotic attire ran around.  Finley stayed awake the whole time and enjoyed the fireworks and music with the rest of us.  

Finley warming up her vocal cords


Sunday we went tubing on the Delaware River.  It was a gorgeous (read HOT) day and I may have not applied enough sunblock, but we did get to see a Bald Eagle on the 4th of July…pretty patriotic.  Finbaby went with a friend for the day and she took her to church…apparently she likes to sing the gospel with the rest of the congregation.  She really has an ear for pitch so I am sure that it was lovely to listen to.   

Monday we relaxed at  home, didn’t do any of the chores that I should have, but had an amazing steak dinner and crafted a little.  I will post more on my crafting later-I am pretty proud of it!


One Response to “the weekend update”

  1. maria Says:

    when do I get to take Finbaby for the day!!!

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