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roughing it-sort of June 25, 2010

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Last weekend we ate food cooked over a fire, saw a snake, sat in lawn chairs in the dirt, ate s’mores, swam in the river, esentially we camped…. well sort of.   We didn’t sleep on the ground, deficate in the woods, go without electricity, or skip showers for days.  So I guess you could say that we were “glamping” (glamor camping) last weekend, in my brother and sister-in-laws’ camper.  It is really the way to go if you feel the urge to be outdoorsy, but not dirty.  When I told people that I was camping they were shocked until I told them my circumstance.  It was iddylic to play in the river and relax outside but still have a comfy bed . 

I did learn the below lessons though

  1. When sleeping in a fold out inflatible camper bed don’t shift your weight or you will wake a baby and anyone in bed with you.
  2. As declicious as breakfast sausage is, it is even better cooked over an open fire.
  3. If you lose a pacifier just look down river and you may find it.
  4. Other campers want to make friends-if you don’t want to socialize with them don’t go camping.
  5. A pack-n-play is the best thing to bring camping to keep crawling babies under wraps.
  6. If you think babies are messy, just wait until you see a camping baby.
  7. If said baby has an especially yuck diaper just wash it off in the river…don’t even worry about the people down river.
  8. Red bull and vodka are a suitible breakfast cocktail when camping.

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