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Vodka is my baby’s favorite June 17, 2010

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You know how babies pick a favorite toy to bring with them everywhere?  And they like to crawl with their favorite toy in their little sweet hand and if it falls out they rush to save their toy?  Well Finbaby found her favorite and it is an airplane sized bottle of vodka.  I think that she found it under the wine rack (I don’t generally leave bottles of vodka lying around), but sweet Jesus does she love this bottle.  If I can wrestle it out of her hands I will empty it out and refill it with water.  I am not the worst mother in the world after all.  I would post a pic, but I really don’t need DYFUS coming to my house.


2 Responses to “Vodka is my baby’s favorite”

  1. CVT Says:

    …stupid DYFS.

  2. franny Says:

    was it left over from all of those mini vodka bottles you and dave drank on the way to cali?

    oh wait – you drank ALL of those = )

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