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It ain’t a party till your pumpin’ June 14, 2010

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We had another busy fun-filled weekend consisting of 3 parties and wine bottling.  2 of the parties were on Saturday and party #1 resulted in me chanting U-S-A on a table top.  It was downhill from there…at what age will I be too old to be on a table top chanting?  If I get any pics of this I will post for your enjoyment.  Apparently I am a HUGE USA soccer (football) fan….in reality I am just very competitive and like to route for USA whenever possible.  I also love the olympics, but hate regular sports.  Since Finbaby was with g-ma all day I had to pump in party #2’s Good-Will-Hunting office.  Seriously, the host just got a Masters in math so there are white boards filled with math symbols I have never seen in my life.  Your guess is as good as mine as to what you do with a Masters in math…other than scare people with Good-Will-Hunting whiteboards.  It was great to see so many of our friends this weekend.

Yesterday we bottled the wine that we crushed the week that I had Finbaby, so odd to have her there with us considering that she wasn’t even born yet when we started this process and now she is crawling and pulling up on every piece of furniture we let her near.  She was a total doll the whole time and let everyone hold her so I could boss people around and get their money.

I am really happy with how the wine came out and can’t wait to taste how it changes over the next few months.  Like last year’s I imagine that it will be even better once it has aged a little more.  The label was really fun to make and I got to learn photoshop a little more which I have wanted to do for a while.  Here is a sneak peek. The yellow is a little brighter in person than I thought it would be but it still looks good.


One Response to “It ain’t a party till your pumpin’”

  1. KB Says:

    I love the label!!

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