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she’s crafty June 7, 2010

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I have tried in the past to be crafty and create adorable things for my house.  Let’s just say that it hasn’t always worked out…like when I made my own curtain liners to stop the paprika glow from coming in the windows when the sun shines through.  And let’s just say that I shouldn’t have ironed said liners on my rug…my acryllic rug…that melts when a super hot iron touches it.  And let’s just say that was 7 years ago and I am still hearing about it from the hubs.

Well, ever since I got pregnant I have had this overwhelming urge to “craft” items for said baby.  I am not particularly crafty or artistic or even talented in the least bit.  I have however tried my hand at a few things and they didn’t come out half bad. 

I made the items to the left for Finbaby’s room and I LOVE them.  They were pretty easy and not crafty compared to the things I see my amazingly talented friends make, but for me this is pretty good people.

Which brings me to my newest crafting attempt.  After watching Dave cringe about 1,238 times I have decided that we need a splat mat for under the high chair to catch banana chunks and slimy food.  I figure that it will also come in useful when Finbaby gets older and wants to make her own crafts (do you even know how messy paint-by-numbers can be??).  I looked into buying them and have decided that they are rip off and most aren’t even cute-like at all, seriously, I don’t want a 3×4 foot Winnie-The-Pooh on my floor.  So my latest “craft” is a splat mat.  I am thinking that this will be pretty easy. 

I ordered 2 yards of this laminated fabric…way more than enough to protect our rug, which is indeed the same one that I melted, but that is beside the point, think of the vacuum time I am saving with just a shake of the mat.  Hopefully it will come in this week and all I will have to do is sew a pretty edge on and voila, snazzy splat mat.


2 Responses to “she’s crafty”

  1. CVT Says:

    Considering Chicken’s new favourite eating habit, which is taking food, pulverizing it in her powerful paws, and then throwing it on the floor with disdain for the dog to eat (pete has never been happier), I think I would like to order a Busch Mat for us!

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