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I brought a watermelon June 4, 2010

Filed under: FUN FUN FUN — CindyLouWho @ 7:31 am

So far Saturday number 1 has been fabulous, although it started a little early for my liking. Seriously, 6am….doesn’t this kid know what Saturdays (no matter what number) are all about?  We had watermelon for breakfast-which is pretty funny watch a 7 month eat.  Water squirts out of her mouth with each big chomp.

We took this picture for obvious reasons:

Does this jean diaper make my butt look big?

Huggies made some limited edition “jean” diapers.  They are pretty cute and cost the same as regular diapers so why not bedazzle my kids butt a little?

Later this morning we are going to meet up with our friends on the tow path for a nice (HOT) walk on the tow path.

I have nothing else interesting to write so peace out.


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