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Yay for Saturday #3!! May 30, 2010

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Today is my saturday #3 and I loves it!  I don’t work on Fridays and since Monday is Memorial Day I get a 4 day weekend and am savoring every minute.

First Saturday (aka Friday) we had happyhour playdate with the neighbors-always a good time.  As usual the kids ran around like lunatics.  Their 4 yr old babysat Finbaby (what 4 yr old isn’t mature enough to watch 7 month old?) while I made chili dogs for everyone.  We ended the night sitting by the fire built by our cavemen husbands.

Second Saturday we went to a surprise 30th birthday for a good friend. Finbaby behaved the whole time and I got to hold the most adorable 8 wk old twin boys.  They are the size of Finbaby when she was born-I can’t believe how giant she is already…sniff sniff.

Third Saturday we are going to another BBQ-perfect weather to visit with some great friends.

No idea what we are doing on Sunday but I know it will involve snuggles with the Finster and maybe some mojitos on the deck…sounds like a recipe for a perfect day! It could only be better if the Finster sleeps in until 9 again..yes you read that correctly, she slept until 9 today and yesterday after going to bed at 7pm.  She is so wonderful.

Here is the dollface so you can all enjoy her (photo by Allison-babysitter extraordinaire)


4 Responses to “Yay for Saturday #3!!”

  1. Amanda R Says:

    I love your blog. Love how you have the crossouts like Perez. So funny. Your pic of Finley is so cute. I miss you guys.

  2. Allison V. Says:

    Do I get a commission for the pictures I take?!? lol
    Good idea on a blog! I’ve been after Chris to start one. I think he’d be good at it. The two of you could probbly go into business together with your witty ways!

    • cindybusch Says:

      Yes, your commission is world wide accreditation on this amazing blog.

      • Allison V. Says:

        Ok so I wrote my comment not even knowing Chris had actually started a blog! I know who to report to to find out information on my husband, aka your boyfriend.

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