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Totally jealous of my husband today May 27, 2010

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He got to stay home today to tend to our offspring.  Nothing sexier than a man with a baby-right ladies? I always tell him that if I die he should just take the kid out around town and he will find a new wife in about 6 minutes.   If Finbaby is at an awkward stage a puppy will work just as well.

This is what goes on when I am out bringing home the bacon

When I left the house at 7am he was sleeping and she was cooing in her crib just being as adorable as possible….doesn’t make it easy to leave the house!  He is supposed to be completing an online training today so it isn’t all play, but he gets to look at F’s little dollface all day.  I hope she behaves for him-we don’t call her demon for nothin’.   It was so nice not to have to pack up  a lunchbox for her before I left the house.


2 Responses to “Totally jealous of my husband today”

  1. franny Says:

    i’m totally jealous too – this time last week it was just me and her! love the finbaby

    you need to put pics of her up so peeps all over the world will fall in love!

  2. Magda Says:

    Honey.. they always behave for dads!!!

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